One of my favorite days, and best stories, covering the NHL was Dec. [url=http://www.brownsauthenticproshop.com/Youth-Britton-Co

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One of my favorite days, and best stories, covering the NHL was Dec. Britton Colquitt Jersey . 11, 1992, 22 years ago this Thursday as a matter of fact. It was at the elegant, old money Breakers resort in Palm Beach, Fla. My memory is a little fuzzy now, but I seem to recall there was only a handful of media there, not a large gathering by any means. We were standing in an opulent meeting room, awaiting the daily briefing from then NHL president Gil Stein when league employees Gary Meagher and Dave Keon Jr. came into the room carrying a big, green garbage bag. There was just a small table set up at the front with four chairs behind it. Ill always remember Meagher and Keon rather unceremoniously dumping the contents of the bag onto the table. A bunch of empty VHS video cassette boxes spilled out with a clatter as well as two big plush dolls - Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Keon went about setting up a little pyramid of videocassette boxes and Meagher was, with some difficulty, trying to arrange Mickey and Minnie so they were sitting upright on the table, holding Blockbuster videocassettes in their hands. We asked Meagher and Keon, What the %&# are you guys doing? If I remember correctly, Meagher responded, Expanding. Moments later, NHL president Stein strolled into the meeting room, sat down at the table with Los Angeles Kings owner Bruce McNall and introduced Disney chairman Michael Eisner and Blockbuster Video magnate Wayne Huizenga and -- pretty much out of the blue, catching everyone by total surprise -- announced the NHL was officially expanding to Miami (Florida) and Anaheim. To the shock of all, the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and Florida Panthers became the 25th and 26th NHL franchises that day and began playing games 10 months later. By the way, one day later, Dec. 12, 1992, the NHL introduced Gary Bettman as its first commissioner, though Bettman wouldnt officially take over the post until the following Feb. 1. And so here we are, 22 years later. Bettman is still the commissioner, the NHL board of governors is meeting today and tomorrow, this time in Boca Raton, Fla., but no, theres not going to be a formal expansion vote or announcement. At least that is what Bettman tells us. And if there were, unlike being gobsmacked in 1992, it should come as a surprise to absolutely no one. From the moment the last NHL lockout ended, in January of 2013, expansion has been at the forefront of discussion and anticipation. Bettman hasnt done a single news conference of any consequence since then where he hasnt been asked about expansion. The answer Bettman provided on opening day of this season is typical of whats hes been saying and has continued to say: Were getting lots of expressions of interest. You and your colleagues seem more fascinated by it than I am or the governors are. Were going to continue to listen to expressions of interest, and thats gratifying that were getting them, but were not ready to go through a formal expansion project. As recently as mid-November, Bettman said much the same thing: All Ill do is continue to report on the levels of interest that are being expressed. Theres no effort crying out for immediate expansion. But we are getting expressions of interest. Even if we decided tomorrow were going to do it, it still wouldnt happen for two, three years. Okay, Bettmans caution flag on expansion is duly noted, and I know from first-hand knowledge to be wary on this stuff because the expansion landscape can shift relatively quickly. A year ago right about now, I said it was my belief the NHLs expansion vision included adding three franchises in the coming years, with a preferred priority ranking of Seattle, Las Vegas and Quebec City, to the tune of well over $1 billion in total expansion fees. Last December, Seattle looked like it was primed to take on an NHL team, but both arena and ownership issues arose in the months that followed, drastically altering that forecast. No one seems to have a sense now when, or if, Seattle will re-emerge but what seemed so hot a year ago has cooled considerably since then. This fall, all the talk has been focused on Las Vegas as the new frontrunner. After an interview with NHL deputy commissioner Bill Daly in early November, Minneapolis Star Tribune hockey writer Mike Russo reported Daly met with a potential ownership group in Las Vegas in early November and toured the construction site for the new arena being built by MGM Resorts. Larry Brooks reported in the New York Post a week after that the NHL had gone so far as to have chosen William Foley and the Maloof family as the designated owners of a Las Vegas expansion franchise when or if the NHL gets around to committing to expansion, and that the franchise fee would be $400 million. Amid the Russo and Brooks reports, I speculated that the NHLs tentative master plan had gone from adding three teams (with a priority ranking of Seattle, Las Vegas and Quebec City) at the same time to perhaps doing a one off to Las Vegas, with a potential start date possible as early as the beginning of the 2016-17 season. In the ensuing weeks, there has been a constant buzz on the NHL grapevine about expansion, suggestions that it is an absolute given the league will in the days, weeks or months ahead announce formal plans to go to Vegas and possibly Seattle and/or Quebec City, although it was also suggested Quebec City may be reserved as a potential relocation site, with a lesser transfer fee instead of an expansion fee. Since then, the talk has only ramped up. As recently as last week, it was suggested to me the NHL will, at some point in the very near future, bestow a conditional expansion franchise to an ownership group in Las Vegas. That is, if certain requirements (including selling a designated number of season tickets) are met, an NHL franchise could be operational in Vegas as early as the fall of 2016. None of these suggestions on the nature or timing of expansion could be ascertained as fact. At least not by me. They most certainly couldnt be reported as hard news. The NHL has continued to stick to the party line about listening to expressions of interest but otherwise remaining non-committal, only going so far as to say expansion may be discussed at todays or tomorrows B of G meetings but that there wont be a vote or an announcement. Fair enough. But we all know its coming at some point in some form. If I were a betting man (see what I did there?), I might wager on Vegas as early as the fall of 2016 or 2017, but whenever and wherever it may be, unlike in 1992, no one should be caught off guard by anything this time around. We may have a better sense of it all in the next 24 to 48 hours. As a postscript to the Mickey-Minnie/Blockbuster green garbage bag expansion announcement of 1992, earlier that day in the Breakers, I saw a guy in the lobby wearing Hush Puppies with orange souls, dress pants, a bizarre, ugly green hockey jersey and a red ball cap with Goofy on it. He was sweating profusely, muttering to himself, pacing back and forth near the front desk. If youve ever been to the Breakers, well, lets just say he didnt fit in with the crowd (neither did I, now that I think of it) and I was curious to see if security might ask him (or me) to leave. As it turned out, it was Disney chairman Michael Eisner and he was wearing that exact same get up when he was introduced as the new owner of the Mighty Ducks later that day. So if any of my media colleagues in Boca for the meetings happen to see Penn and Teller or a tiger or Celine Dion or a Cirque du Soleil troupe in the hotel lobby, just know the green garbage bag, and expansion, may not be far behind. Jamie Meder Jersey . Brazilian striker Brandao opened the scoring with a header in the 55th minute before winger Franck Tabanou volleyed home from close range to double the lead in the 61st. Danny Shelton Jersey . Particularly when speaking in the stadium of Tuesdays opponent: Manchester City. "Maybe they dont fear us as before," Pique said on Monday, "because in the last two years we didnt win the Champions League. http://www.brownsauthenticproshop.com/Youth-Carl-Nassib-Browns-Jersey/ . Gorges is believed to have suffered the injury while blocking a shot with a hand during Montreals win over the Toronto Maple Leafs on Saturday. The Canadiens added to their defensive depth this week by acquiring veteran Mike Weaver from the Florida Panthers.8) How bad did the NFL look when referee Pete Morelli picked up the flag that had signalled pass interference against the Dallas Cowboys? Awfully bad, but not bad enough to support a conspiracy theory. If thats what youre thinking, and that is what youre thinking, Ill bet. 9) So what should the NFL have done? Well, Morelli admits he shouldnt have been so quick to announce a penalty he wasnt prepared to enforce. But thats immaterial, really, because the flag "announced" the penalty and an explanation was still required. If the NFL isnt prepared to add pass interference to its list of calls that are subject to review via coaches challenges, a la CFL rules, it can and should take a simple step to make sure the embarrassment in Dallas is not repeated. It should automatically require a final ruling from the replay booth whenever a penalty flag is thrown without a penalty being assessed. Another look at the play in question in Dallas would surely have resulted in a penalty against the Cowboys. 10) Not to get too technical, but are you wondering why the post-game explanation given by Morelli was so puzzling? He said the back judge threw the flag and the head linesman objected to the call and claimed he had a better view of what he determined was "minimal contact". Heres the thing--many of the penalty flags thrown by back judges are for pass interference and many of the penalty flags thrown by linesmen are for offside. 11) Is it a good idea for the NFL to increase the number of playoff teams from 12 to 14? Based on what I witnessed this past weekend, the answer is "no". Three of the four games, especially the Carolina-Arizona clunker, were hard to watch. For me, the playoffs start now, with Brady vs. Flacco, Manning vs. Luck, and Rodgers vs. Romo. I realize that wild-card teams have won four of the past 14 Super Bowls and this years first-round playoffs wouldnt have looked any worse if San Diego and Philadelphia had been included, but Im pretty sure more playoff games will mean more bad playoff games. 12) Is Terry Pegula, the owner of the Buffalo Sabres and the Buffalo Bills, a good owner simply because he might be the only owner willing to operate those teams, or is he capable of building organizations that can produce winning teams? The saga of departed coach Doug Marrone has painted an unflattering picture of the Bills internal workings. Pegula has a lot of fixing to do and his teams have a lot of winning to do before he can be deemed successful in his sports endeavours. 13) How good is Andrew Luck and how good are the Indianapolis Colts? I think Luck is a whole lot better than the team around him. The Colts wont be able to run against Deenver and the Broncos will be able to run against Indys defence and Luck will probably pass for 350 yards in defeat. Bernie Kosar Jersey. The Colts are a playoff team for three reasons-- the weakness of thei AFC South division, their coach Chuck Pagano, and their quarterback, Andrew Luck. 14) Oregon beats Florida State; Ohio State beats Alabama. Oregon meets Ohio State for the U-S college football title, thereby proving the worth of the playoff system, because neither school would have qualified via a two-team vote. So heres the question--why did it take so long for the four-team playoff to become a reality? 15) Did Oregons resounding win over the Seminoles remove all doubt about the number-one draft pick, if it is used by the Tampa Bay Bucs to select a quarterback? Oregons Marcus Mariota was favoured to go number-one even before the meltdown by Jameis Winston and Florida State, and the gap could only be wider now, especially because of Winstons off-field issues, but you will still hear that Winstons mechanics fit the NFL quarterback mould better than Mariotas. 16) If Canada iced an Olympic or World Cup mens hockey team tomorrow, would Tyler Seguin be on it? Especially as he is the NHLs highest-scoring, Canadian-born forward at the moment, and just one point behind the league leader, Jakub Voracek, it figures he would be, but there wouldnt need to be too much tinkering with the group of 14 forwards at Sochi. And the first addition would be a healthy Steven Stamkos. And dont forget Claude Giroux. 17) Remember when Emilio Bonifacio was supposed to play second base for the Blue Jays? Well, next season, hes supposed to play second base for the Chicago White Sox, and theyre supposed to be a factor in the American League Central Division. Im not sure those two suppositions should go together. 18) Should the Boston Bruins trade Milan Lucic? Well, they could use a big, tough winger who scores 30 goals, but I doubt theyd get that for Lucic. 19) How much do you know about the leading goal-scorer on the NHLs top team? Shall we start with his name? Its Matt Beleskey. The Anaheim Ducks winger, whose previous high in one season was 11 goals, has scored 17 times. Of further interest is the fact he is not signed beyond this season.The native of Windsor, Ontario and graduate of the OHLs Belleville Bulls is in his 6th NHL season and if you thought he could keep scoring like this, you might predict that hed have a chance to finish with 35 or more goals, in which case he would equal or better his career total prior to this season. 20) Are you wondering where Max Scherzer
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